Dreaming of the simple life.....

Who am I?

Domestic goddess or housework tragic?  It depends very much on the day and the point of view.
But after attempting to come to terms with the happenings in the world around us today, I decided just to concentrate on what is really important. 
In the kitchen, in the garden, in the stillroom - come on a journey with me.

Why I Do What I Do

Why not!
I started off writing a nice blog about cooking and gardening.  But I discovered that it was deeper than that.
I am deeply concerned about the food chain, modern lifestyles, lifestyle collapse, lifestyle resilience, sustainability.....are you getting where this is coming from?
And when you're old and no longer cute, you begin to feel like your opinions should have an airing and that you've seen enough of life to form a valid opinion for airing.